DIN PLUS with respect to wood pellets means in colloquial language pellets of the highest quality. Burners, boilers, stoves or fireplaces fired with DIN PLUS operate without failure and feature no carbon deposits or bear.

What benefits can you enjoy if you choose our DIN PLUS certified pellets?

  • Be sure that the fuel is produced using clean saw dust without bark, sand and chemical substances.
  • Be sure that you do not poison yourself and others.
  • Be sure that you use only as much pellets as you need due to specific and high calorific value of the fuel.
  • Be sure that your heating equipment will be operated without failure in a comfortable manner.

Properties of our pellets:

  • Moisture content 5.4 %
  • Diameter 6 mm
  • Length less than 40 mm
  • Ash content 0.60 %
  • Bulk density 670 kg/m3
  • Calorific value less than 18 MJ/kg
  • Mechanical strength 98%

Our pellets come in the following packaging options:

  • 15 kg bags / 65 bags per a 120x80 pallet
  • 1000 kg big bags