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The major field of “ECO-LAND” activity is garden industry. Our core activity is manufacture of high quality assorted pine bark, coloured decorative mulch and bedding for animals.

We are also developing in the heating fuel distribution sector, successfully dealing in wood pellets and briquettes. 

Our offer is regularly extended and adjusted to the ever-changing market requirements.

It is addressed at gardening centres, horticultural and agricultural shops, companies providing gardening services, and individual customers. Our products enjoy high renown and are hugely successful among customers. Our customer base is prominent and is constantly growing, many customers have been cooperating with us since the company was established.

 We are happy to find that the customers appreciate our efforts and trust in quality of our products in Poland, in other EU countries and in the Middle East.

Throughout all branches of our activities, our main focus is quality and timeliness.

We are looking forward to working with you.